From September 2024


Registration Fee   Day Place £100 
  Boarding Place  £200 
Acceptance Deposit               Day Place / Forces Boarder         £500**
  Boarding place (parents resident in and fees 
paid from Europe) 

Additional Deposit 

Non-European Boarding place  £12,490**

**this amount is refunded once the final term's fees and extras have been settled.


Senior School     Fees per Term*
All years  Day  £6,925
  Weekly Boarder  £10,265
  Boarder  £15,490
Preparatory School    Fees per Term*
Years 3 - 6  Day  £4,830

Weekly Boarder  £7,340
  Boarder  £10,065

Years 7 & 8 


  Weekly Boarder  £8,890
  Boarder  £12,415
Pre-Preparatory    Fees per Term 
  Reception  £3,350
  Year 1 & 2  £3,690
*Fees are due on or before the first day of term. Alternatively fees may be paid by direct debit from a UK bank account, for which there is no additional charge.

Nursery Education Funding

At 四肖三期必出特 School Nursery, we offer the universal 15 free childcare hours for all 3 & 4 year olds; 30 free hours for eligible 3 &4 year old children. and 15 free hours for eligible  2 year olds.  All 3 & 4 year olds can access 15 free hours of childcare starting on 1st January, 1st April and 1st September following their 3rd birthday and ending the term that they turn 5. For information on 30 hours eligibility please visit . The School accepts childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare payments.

Sessions Available  Age 2/3 years
Age 2/3/4 years
15 funded hours** 
Age 3/4 years
30 funded hours**
School Day 8.00am-3.00pm (7.0 hours)  £62.00 6 funded hours and 1 hour non-funded £11.45*  6 funded hours and 1 hour non-funded £11.45* 
Full Day 8.00am-6.00pm   School Day rate plus aftercare  School Day rate plus aftercare  School Day rate plus aftercare 
Full Week 8.00am-6.00pm  £320 £245 £165
Aftercare per hour 3.15pm-6.00pm  £8.50 £8.50 £8.50
    * A compulsory daily charge of £2.95 to cover a hot lunch and all snacks is included.

** A minimum of 6 sessions must be taken. A School day counts as two sessions. 
* A compulsory daily charge of £2.95 to cover a hot lunch
and all snacks is included.

** A minimum of 6 sessions must be taken. A School day counts as two sessions.

Terms & Conditions
  • All funded hours are free of charge.
  • Funded hours must be taken as 6 sessions per week. A School day counts as two sessions.
  • All sessions are in line with the normal School day and are fixed.
  • Sessions are not transferable and a minimum of half a term's notice must be given for any changes.
  • Any non-funded hours plus the daily compulsory charge for hot lunches and snacks will be charged termly in advance and payment can be made monthly with childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare payments.
  • There will be a late collection charge of £20 per 15 minutes after 6.00pm.
  • One 15 hour or 30 hour place is available at zero cost for an eligible 3 and 4 year old child who is "looked after" by the Local Authority. Please contact the finance office for further information.
  • 'Before School Club' charges and 'Aftercare' charges will be billed termly in arrears. Aftercare will be charged to the nearest 15 minutes taken. 

Additional Charges     
Music Charges  Per 30/40 minute lesson £27.75/£37.00
Hire of Instrument  Per term £37.00****
Late Collection (Pre-Prep)  Charge per 15 minutes after 6.00pm £20.00
Transport   Transport is available on various routes.  Please see separate transport schedule for cost per term and booking form

Note: All tuition fees are payable in advance within seven days of the start of each term.
Parents wishing to withdraw their child for any reason must give a full term’s notice in writing to the Headmaster; otherwise a full term’s fees are payable.

**** Please note that ten teaching weeks' notice is required for cessation of music lessons and such notice must be given to the Director of Music.

Fees in Advance Scheme
四肖三期必出特 School has a Fees in Advance scheme which is open to fee payers who wish to pay for more than one academic year in advance. This scheme applies across all of the 四肖三期必出特 Schools (Senior, Prep, Pre-Prep and Winterfold). The FIA Scheme provides an opportunity for fee payers to benefit from a saving on the overall cost of education by making a lump sum payment to the School in advance. Full details are available from the Bursar, Mrs Lesley Brookes.


These notes are subject to Standard Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be obtained from the website.

1. All fees are payable ON OR BEFORE the first day of each term. 
2. The fees include lunch for day pupils and all meals for boarding pupils.
3. The fees include all curriculum support and special educational needs teaching.
4. Extras – other costs incurred by the school or the pupil on the pupil’s behalf will be charged as extras, including transport, educational trips, school shop charges, lost books and public examinations. The cost of public examinations continues to rise and will vary per year (approximately £400 to £600).
5. Invoice Queries – All queries regarding fee bills should be raised as soon as possible upon receipt of bills. Please contact the Finance Office on 01527 579679 extension 203 or 209. Alternatively, please email Alice Middleton (School Accountant – amiddleton@bromsgrove-school.co.uk) or Sonja Fontanari (Finance Assistant – sfontanari@bromsgrove-school.co.uk).
6. Transport Queries – If the query relates to bussing charges please contact Rachel O’Neill, Transport Manager on extension 256.
7. Weekly Boarding Fees include transport on a Monday morning and Friday afternoon from the nearest existing collection point. Details available from the Transport Manager.
8. Compulsory Insurances – Please note that cover is automatically provided under the Pupils’ Personal Possessions Scheme and the Personal Accident Scheme.
9. Optional Insurances– Please note that AXA insurance and Fee Protection insurance can be provided at an additional cost. Please contact the Finance Office for the current premium.
10. Cancelling acceptance of a place or withdrawal – one full term’s notice in writing addressed to the Head is required to cancel acceptance of a place at the school or to withdraw a pupil from the School. If such notice is not given, a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be immediately due and payable
11. Sixth Form Fee: Please note that the Sixth Form fee is a two year fee and fees are spread out equally over 6 terms. No change of status is allowed in the Upper Sixth, or from the Lower Sixth to the Upper Sixth
12. EAL support - the boarding fees are inclusive of all EAL lessons and relevant support where necessary. EAL lessons may lead to qualifications in IGCSE (ESL), IELTS and Cambridge Proficiency.

Payment Details

Internet Banking
The School’s bank details are shown below. Please ensure that the pupil’s name or reference number is included as a reference
Bank Lloyds
Sort Code 309136
Account 00101252
Account Name 四肖三期必出特 School

International Transfers
 The School’s bank details are shown below. Please ensure that the pupils name or reference number is included as a reference.
Bank Identifier Code (BIC) LOYDGB21178
Bank Account (IBAN) GB45 LOYD 3091 3600 1012 52

Please make cheques payable to “四肖三期必出特 School”, and write the pupil account reference on the bank of your cheque. Please forward your remittance advice and cheque to the Finance Officer, 四肖三期必出特 School, Worcester Road, 四肖三期必出特 B61 7DU, or direct to Lloyds Bank plc in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Direct Debit
Parents are provided with the opportunity to pay termly fees in 3 instalments through a direct debit scheme from a UK bank account. This is a simple and convenient way of paying school fees. You will still receive a termly bill as normal but the invoice will detail the monthly amounts due. Each term's fees are collected over three equal monthly instalments. The collection dates are:

Michaelmas Term    On or after the 5th September, October & November 
Lent Term   On or after the 5th January, February & March
Summer Term
  On or after the 5th April, May & June

To set up a direct debit arrangement, please complete the Direct Debit Mandate and Acceptance Form, then contact the Finance Office.



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