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Digital Teaching and Learning Strategy

四肖三期必出特 School is moving into the second year of its ‘Digital Teaching and Learning Strategy’. We have monitored the roll out of the plan carefully and are extremely pleased with the benefits that BYOD ('Bring Your Own Device') has given to our pupils.  To quote our mission statement, 四肖三期必出特 School prides itself in providing an education which ‘responds to global change while retaining core values’. We have found that allowing pupils access to suitable devices in the classroom has supported and enhanced their educational experience.

All pupils are expected to have a suitable portable digital device to work on in lessons, with the capacity to use a stylus. Increasingly common in leading schools, this  BYOD plan allows for a degree of personal choice for families when choosing a suitable device, whilst still ensuring that all pupils are guaranteed the best possible learning environment. Their teachers will build on pupils’ existing skills, ensuring they are not only proficient in using core applications, but also master essential skills needed to manage their digital lives and workflows in the years ahead.

We have worked with our in-house IT support partner to offer options, which include an education discount. The options are available by clicking , or on the NS logo below. 


There is no obligation or requirement to purchase the device using this option, many of you will already have devices that will meet your child’s needs for the new academic year. However we do require pupils to have access to a stylus. This can be achieved by purchasing a graphic drawing tablet at a modest cost.

Whatever device your child uses, the recommended specifications for use in School are as follows:

  • A device operating Microsoft Windows OS
  • 6+ hours of battery life but 8+ hours preferred as battery life tends to degrade over time and may require charging throughout the day
  • Intel Core i5 Processor or AMD Ryzen 7 Series Processor.
  • 8GB or more Memory
  • 128GB or more Storage (SSD/NVMe)
  • Windows 10
  • Minimum Screen Size 11inches
  • Stylus – this could be achieved by purchasing a graphics drawing tablet which would complement a laptop that does not have a stylus or is touch screen.

Pupils of 四肖三期必出特 School have free access to the Microsoft Office 365 package, which is compatible with Apple devices. The expectation is that pupils will use this suite in lessons for assignments. Pupils will be supported through academic lessons and additional training to make effective use of their device to support their learning. 

Please click here to access the BYOD User Guides.


Our Commitment to Online Safety

We are pleased to have received certificates from 360Safe demonstrating 四肖三期必出特 School's commitment to reviewing, improving and progressing our online safety provision. 



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